Project #2: Wedding gift

Traditionally, Chinese custom is to give money at weddings. I believe it’s to help the families offset the cost of the wedding. At any rate, we were giving cold hard cashola way before people started trying to come up with “Wishing Well” poems – or as I like to call them “polite ways to request money gifts because we’ve been living in sin for, like, 5 years already and don’t need any more toasters, k?” I can see where “Wishing Well” is probably more diplomatic.  I digress. This weekend we are attending a wedding in Newcastle (which, by the way, is one of the most difficult places to get go from Adelaide, SA…). The bride introduced me to my husband and was the MC at our wedding, so if anything goes wrong, it’s all her fault. *wink* What this means is that while we’ll be giving a gift of money, I also wanted to make something a little more personal.  I got inspiration from this book (also on Scribd!):  

In particular, this project:


The colours appealed to me, and while I didn’t use that pattern, I got a similar font and made my pattern in Microsoft Word.  I found some charcoal quilting fabric at Spotlight, bought a skein of DMC B5200, some waxed transfer paper, and away I went.  It didn’t take as long as I expected, but I was aided by a co-operative baby who slept on my lap for the majority of it whilst my husband and mother-in-law wrangled the toddler. It also helps when using 6 strands of floss – you can just cut and go, although I believe there is a faction who recommend separating all strands before use, even if you are using all 6.  Anyway, it was completed and I managed to snag a pretty frame from Spotlight at 40% off and all I needed to do was mount it and make the card!  Hooray!

Congratulations Ariane & Adrian, we wish you all the joy in the world.



Cat xoxo