Jade & Kali

Embroidered pillowcases

One of my friends recently eloped to NZ. I decided in celebration of their marriage, pillow slips would be a great idea. Also, because sometimes they’re apart from each other, I decided to make them one each so that they could each have one even when they weren’t together. Okay, so I originally planned to make 4, but I was lucky to even finish this pair!!!

i know the picture isn’t the greatest, but I finished stitching them the Tuesday before they arrived on Friday, and I had work and kids, so it’s a miracle they even got washed, let alone ironed. If you want ironed sheets in my house, you’ll have to do it yourself!

So congratulations, Jade & Kali, we hope you’re very happy together and wish you every joy in your new adventures!

Glitter hot glue gems

I bought a Mod Podge Hot Melts mould in the shape of gems, and have been filling them with plain hot glue and decorating with nail polish. I experimented with glitter with mixed results – if there was too much glitter in the mould, the hot glue didn’t melt around it and the surface of the gems was bumpy where there were piles of glitter rather than smooth. Through trial and error, I figured the best way was to spread the glitter in the mould using a finger, so it was evenly distributed, then pour the glue. Of course this was the most time consuming way. I have ideas involving static electricity, charging the mould and then glittering and tapping off the excess, but that experiment will be for another day. In the meantime – aren’t they pretty?!


Excuse the blurriness, it was just a quick snap and now my daughter has hijacked them to play with. I was thinking I could make a whole lot and use them on cards, hair clips, and of course, play gems for Sophie!

The options are endless!!! So…to the glue gun, my friends!!!

Forays into watercolor

image Botanical GInspired by the amazing Lindsey at The Postman’s Knock, and this particular post, I decided to try my hand at some botanical letters. While I certainly didn’t get these done in the 30-45min time period, I can certainly see where with practice you could whip them up easily.  And I had a blast colouring them in using my Peerless Watercolour palette from Beth at OliveMeArtsie.

These will go to dear friends as birthday presents, I sure hope they like them!

Hello world!

imageSo here we are. I’m currently lying in bed nursing my 3 month old whilst wedging my (frozen) toes behind my husband’s knees in a vain attempt to warm them up. Helloooooo Winter!

I thought I would reserve a tiny space of the interwebs for some self-indulgent rambling and maybe even track some of my DIY crafting adventures. If nothing else it may show me how a project is tracking and keep me accountable. Or this blog may moulder away, forlorn and abandoned, gone the way of my MySpace and LiveJournal accounts. We shall see.

Here’s lookin’ at you, kid!

Cat xoxo