Glitter hot glue gems

I bought a Mod Podge Hot Melts mould in the shape of gems, and have been filling them with plain hot glue and decorating with nail polish. I experimented with glitter with mixed results – if there was too much glitter in the mould, the hot glue didn’t melt around it and the surface of the gems was bumpy where there were piles of glitter rather than smooth. Through trial and error, I figured the best way was to spread the glitter in the mould using a finger, so it was evenly distributed, then pour the glue. Of course this was the most time consuming way. I have ideas involving static electricity, charging the mould and then glittering and tapping off the excess, but that experiment will be for another day. In the meantime – aren’t they pretty?!


Excuse the blurriness, it was just a quick snap and now my daughter has hijacked them to play with. I was thinking I could make a whole lot and use them on cards, hair clips, and of course, play gems for Sophie!

The options are endless!!! So…to the glue gun, my friends!!!


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