Project #8: Adventures in bias binding

I have a pile of fat quarters and remnants that have been earmarked to become bias tape ever since I read a continuous bias tape tutorial.

Of course with 2 other projects on the go, this is the appropriate time to have piles of fabric heaped on the table as a work in progress. I’m slowly making my way through – I’ve marked them all with pin lines and I can pin them at my leisure then stitch them all. The cutting and pressing takes a bit longer, but in the mean time I made some pretty cards to put it on and started with the brightest, happiest fabric!

Here is the fixings for my bias tape cards:

Rotary cutter and mat, glue, old cards, IKEA straws and some scrapbook paper.

I had all of these things at home, so I just glued my card on to pretty scrapbook paper, pressed it under heavy books while it dried so it was flat and bubble free, trimmed it to an appropriate size (I chose 6″x4″), cut my straws to 3″ lengths and cut them down one side to form “bumpers” that will (hopefully) stop the tape from creasing.

Et voilĂ ! Bias tape!


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