Project #4: Thank you card and petrol money

I mentioned earlier that we went to Albury to visit Ant’s family. We have some great friends there, and Gab is one of the best. No matter how short the notice we give her, she will ensure we have all her free time to catch up and hang out, and wrangles work and our godson as well.

We went op-shopping whilst there and because The Sophster was due a nap, Ant took her home and Gab took Emily & me around and ran us back home. On the way home, we stopped for petrol and she asked if I could put $40 worth in while she took Ij to the loo.

Thinking I could be sneaky and fill the tank as a thank you for spending all her precious free time with us and for driving us around, I carried on well past the $40 mark and was on my way to a full tank when disaster struck.

I had not reckoned on the super fast toddler peeing speed. So I was tied to the pump still when Gab came out, saw that I had put way more than $40 of petrol into her car, and beat me to the register to pay.  I was FOILED! Also, I felt like a jackass because I had been given specific directions and clearly not followed them. My good intention had well and truly backfired – guess what they say about them is true!

So I drafted a pattern based on our petrol tank, utilized the ever handy blanket stitch, and whipped this card up in one nap cycle.

Then I put the balance of the petrol money in a slit that I cut alongside the gauge, and wrote a thank you to make up for it.

As I told Gab in the card, she had to accept it…because friends don’t let friends feel like jackasses.  And she’s one of the best friends.

Cat xoxo


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