Project #5: A wedding card in progress.

So this wedding we’re attending at the weekend, of course requires a handmade card! So I got high tech this time and got my wonderful husband, Ant, to help me create a template in PhotoShop rather than cutting and pasting paper templates. Well, I actually wanted him to direct me in how to do it, but then Emily wanted a feed and in the 10 minutes it took to feed her, he had it done. Next time.  I used another of the Wedding Wishes designs, the bride and groom image, as you can see – getting my money’s worth out of that one!!! Same dealio as the last card – lined up my template (although last time the tape took some of the gloss finish off the card, so this time I folded the A4 page so the folds held the card in place as I punched it), and started punching holes. Alas, there were a couple of problems with it this time around. For starters, the design was more delicate and the pushpin was going to be way too big a gauge to let me navigate it. And secondly, I was getting cramp using the pin, and there were a LOT of lines to mark. I needed a stylus with a narrower pin. Could I tape a pin or needle to a pencil? Possibly, but I was worried about it not staying fixed and wobbling around. My mechanical pencil took 0.7mm leads, could I cut the head off one of my 0.7mm pins and put it in the pencil in the place of a lead? Again, a possibility but I doubted that the mechanism could hold it securely enough for me to push it through the card. I could stick a needle in a cork, but that would just be like a larger push pin, I wouldn’t be able to hold it like a pencil and also, I had no corks. Or wine. Then I remembered the blackhead remover. I’d bought it and then never used it because the whole concept seemed kinda unhygienic. If you don’t know what it is, it’s a little tool that looks like this. Gross, right? But perfect for my card punching! I did have to pad it out by taping some scrap flannel around the handle to fatten it up, because it’s quite a slim tool and while I could hold it like a pencil, gripping it was cramping my hand again. But hurray for re-purposing! I had already asked the bride-to-be what her flowers and the suit colours were, so I could custom-tailor the image a little and make it a tad more special. Then I just opened my drawers of wonder (also known as “every DMC colour in the range, excluding variations”) to select the colours I wanted. Behold, the beauty of floss stash:


Isn’t it pretty? Also the reason I need to stitch as much as I can, to justify the expense of about $400 worth of thread… La la lah…

So there it is, a little work in progress. To be continued…

Cat xoxo


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