Project #3: embroidering a wedding card.

I know, you’re thinking, WAIT ONE MINUTE. The LAST project she did was #1, and now she’s trying to pull this #3 stunt?! There are only 3 posts, who does she think she is?!

Project #2 has been documented, but it’s a present for a wedding we’re attending this weekend, so I have delayed its publishing date until after the wedding. Because of that huge fan base I have and all the press leakage that surrounds my blog. *wipes tears of laughter*

ANYWHO. Two of our good friends from Albury got married in March this year, but we were unable to attend because I was expecting my second daughter around that date.

So when we visited Albury for a few weeks, I decided to stitch them up a wedding card.

I used a couple of patterns from Sublime Stitching, specifically Wedding Wishes and the Tattoo Alphabet. I got some pretty cards from Officeworks, traced the pattern and the wording, and taped the tracing paper to the card. Then I punched holes (using a push pin) into the card using the tracing paper template to create my stitch holes.

I was limited in my palette of floss because I had only brought what I was using for my And Everything Nice blocks, but luckily it was a pretty good rainbow palette!

Once I had the pattern punched and my colours roughed out on my tracing paper template, I could get stitching. So I did. I thought it turned out pretty well for a first attempt!


Cat xoxo


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