Project #1: And Everything Nice quilt

So this project started when I was browsing Scribd and came upon this book: IMG_2353 I have little ones, I like charming projects, I thought. Originally I was going to stitch one or two images, because they are very sweet. And then I read the instructions, which are marvelously and simply laid out. Quilting will give me lots of practice at stitching straight seams and I do need the practice…what could possibly go wrong? And with those famous words, I embarked on the biggest project of my crafting career. I am famous for jumping in the deep end. Why start with a little project when I could work through a big one step by step? I’ve been aiming to embroider one block a night, and managed for a couple of weeks, but then illness and children and coming home from holidays struck. Also other little projects that took precedence cropped up. But I will persevere. It helps that I have the most gorgeous fabrics, and that just looking at them makes me want to make this a reality. So if my girls don’t appreciate it, I certainly will! Anyway, I have to run, this little one is waiting for me to play with her! image Look at that face. Back with more projects soon!


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